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What The Colour Of Your Vehicle Says About You

Colour is a huge determining factor when buying anything. In today's market, there is a huge variety of colour available and with everyone having different preferences, we wanted to know what the colour of your vehicle says about you.


Black is commonly associated with being classy, sophisticated, elegant, power and style. Those who choose to drive a black vehicle is said to like an element of mystery and wants a classy look without showing off. However, you are known to be slightly arrogant when driving.

White is associated with being pure, honest and direct. By driving a white vehicle, you are seen as someone with good taste and clean. This is because you cannot hide any dirt or marks on a white vehicle. You are also quite tight when it comes to money as white cars are usually cheaper. On the road you are cautions and stick to the Highway Code even if it annoys the drivers behind you.


If you have a red vehicle, you are seen as confident, outgoing and sassy. You take no nonsense from anyone and people will either love you or hate you. At the end of the day though, you're just honest. You're driving style matches personality. You're not afraid to bend the rules a bit and take a few risks on the road.

If you opt for blue, you are associated with being honest, compassionate, stable and optimistic. This is a fun and sociable colour and people who drive a blue vehicle don't mind being noticed on the road. On the road a blue driver won't get into conflicts and handles everything in a calm and confident manner.


Grey is often associated with stability and reliability. With a grey car you just want to blend into the background and get on with your journey. You're also aware of the difference between grey and silver, unlike everyone else on the road. Your driving manner is calm and you will rarely show signs of road rage.

Silver represents those who are savvy, business minded, innovative and has good taste. You've picked this vehicle mainly for the practicality as it hides the dirt and scratches. You'll likely be a confident driver but be reserved so you will stay out of trouble and it's unlikely you'll get wound up.


Orange relates to those who are proud in the fact that they would rather invest their money in a smaller vehicle than spoil themselves. You are likely to be an uplift, warm and optimistic person but are likely to take risks on the road with some of your optimism will reflect on your driving style.

If you drive a green car you are likely very sure in yourself and don't care what others think of you. If you're in a dark green vehicle then it is thought your driving style will be more thoughtful and you will respect other on the road. If you're driving a lighter green vehicle, your diving style is deemed more erratic and energetic.

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Posted on 9th July 2018 at 1:05 PM

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