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Weird Driving Laws Around The World

We recently did a blog on strange driving laws in the UK. We decided to take it one further and have a look at some of the weirdest driving laws around the world.


China - It's illegal to stop for pedestrians. Make sure you look both ways before crossing the road, and then do it again!

Thailand - It is against the law to drive topless.

Singapore - It's illegal to drive within 50 meters of a pedestrian.

Philippines - In Manila you cannot drive on a Monday if your number plate ends in 1 or 2. Really adds to the Monday blues.

Japan - It's illegal to splash a pedestrian with water.


Denver, Colorado - It's illegal to drive a black car on a Sunday.

San Francisco - You are not allowed to clean your car with used underwear. Better cleaning equipment is available.

California - You are not allowed to use a road as a bed. It would make an interesting choice though.

Nevada - You cannot drive your camel on the highway. So remember to leave your camel at home!

Alabama - It's against the law to drive blindfolded. For those who can drive blindfolded, fair play, but we wouldn't recommend it!

Clinton, Oklahoma - You could be arrested if you're caught molesting a car.

Kentucky - Kentucky takes the molesting rule a step further. They prohibit you letting your pet molest the vehicle. Again, why you would want to molest a car is beyond us.

Alaska - You cannot tie your dog to the roof of your vehicle.

Massachusetts - You cannot drive with a Gorilla in the back of your vehicle. Let us know how you manage to get a Gorilla in the backseat of your car!

Minnesota - If you're crossing a state line, make sure you don't have a Duck on your head as this is illegal for some reason.


Finland - It's the law to report an incident involving a large animal. You cannot just drive away.

France - You are not allowed to have the speed camera tracker switched on your Sat Nav. Stick to the limit!

Denmark - You must check underneath your vehicle for sleeping children before you start driving.

Spain - If you wear glasses, you must keep a spare pair in your vehicle at all times.

Sweden - You have to drive with your headlights on at all times.

Switzerland - If your vehicle needs a clean, don't do it on a Sunday as you'll be breaking the law.

Russia - You will be fined in Russia if you drive a dirty vehicle.

As you can see, some driving laws can be strange! Have we missed any? If so, head over to our social media and let us know! We've linked our social media below.

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Posted on 9th July 2018 at 12:50 PM

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