Top Reasons to Lease a Tesla

When Tesla first came to market, many thought the whole electric car concept was a bit of a fad, not knowing just how central the American car brand would be in the modern age of car manufacturing

Fast forward a few years and Tesla is one of the most sought after, highest regarded car brands around, being one of the only car brands that have effectively combined sustainable travel with aesthetically-pleasing design. Now, we are seeing a huge influx of UK drivers wanting to lease Teslas. 

If you are in two minds as to whether a Tesla is the right car for you, read on! 

Save the planet 

While leasing a Tesla instead of a fuel-guzzling Lamborghini will not save the planet instantly, it will go a short way in reducing your carbon footprint and promoting sustainable travel generally. So, if you are looking to exercise your responsible nature with your next vehicle, keep a Tesla in mind. 

Cabin tech 

Renowned for their forward-thinking nature, Teslas are all about utilising sophisticated technology. But this focus goes further than just what is under the bonnet. Tesla drivers can also enjoy a cabin that resembles a spaceship. From their world-famous infotainment system to the comfortable seats that you can enjoy a semi-autonomous driving experience in, Teslas are just as incredible on the inside as the outside. 

They are roomy!

Unlike many of the ‘eco’ cars on the market, Teslas are spacious, making them the perfect car for families. With lots of legroom for the whole family to enjoy and impeccably soft seating, what more can you want in a family car? 

Cost effective 

Because Teslas do not produce any emissions, drivers are not required to pay road tax on them. With the average car warranty and annual road tax over £100, not having to pay tax softens the blow of investing in a new car. 

Great deals to lease the Tesla Model 3 

The new Tesla Model 3 is an incredibly popular car; sporting one of the most progressive electric engines of our time. This is why our incredibly competitive lease deals are proving rather popular, starting from just £349.99 a month. For more details, get in touch. 

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2nd of September 2019