The Benefits of Car Leasing for Start-ups

Cardiff’s start-up community is thriving, with the city enjoying more than its fair share of innovative brands and budding entrepreneurs. And, with Cardiff boasting the fastest-growing digital economy in the UK (outside of London), the number of forward-thinking start-ups choosing Wales as their home is on the up.

This is why here at Ask4Leasing, we are thrilled to be supporting young Welsh companies with excellent car leasing solutions, eager to promote the numerous advantages of leasing as a business car finance option. So, if you are a new business in need of company vehicles, take a look at the below reasons why car leasing should be on your radar. 

Keeping outgoings 

low Whatever industry or sector you operate in, the aim will be to keep profits high and outgoings low. This is why hefty HP monthly fees and large PCP balloon payments just are not suitable. By opting for a lease deal, you can enjoy lower monthly payments with no surprise fees at the end of the contract. Also, the monthly payments are fixed, allowing you to forecast them into your P&L with the knowledge they are unchanging. What’s more is that leasing will see you cut out big-ticket motoring costs, able to access brand new vehicles that are under warranty. 

So, no surprise engine blows or re-builds coming your way! 

Access fleet leasing deals

If you are in need of a large number of vehicles, you can access competitive fleet leasing deals, with the more cars you lease, the more savings coming your way. All managed under one contract, fleet leasing simply ticks all of the boxes! 

From pooled mileage options and low initial rental fees to the tax benefits associated with leasing, the pros for businesses are endless. 

An advertisement on wheels

The cars we drive say a lot about us as people. This is especially the case for businesses. For instance, if you are eager to position your brand as an ethical one passionate about the planet, an electric or hybrid car will help you achieve that, having your company associated with the qualities you intend. At the other end of the spectrum, if you want your company to be thought of as a luxurious company, leasing a high-end, prestige vehicle will do the trick.

And, by opting to lease you can have a larger pick of the bunch! 

Ensure you and your staff are in the latest models

As a modern employer, keeping your staff members safe will no doubt be a priority of yours. This can be achieved by giving them company cars that are equipped with the latest security features. 

By leasing vehicles, your employees can get behind the wheel of brand-new cars; cars that have been built to limit collisions, thefts and other risks modern drivers face. 

Car leasing with Ask4leasing

Here at Ask4Leasing, we have been assisting start-ups for many years now, being one of the few leasing providers that can arrange deals for new companies without a proven record or more than 1 year’s books. Working with a number of finance companies and funders that do offer car leasing to young companies, we ensure no business misses out on the benefits associated with leasing. 

So, whether it is a fleet of hatchbacks, an SUV or a Transit van you are looking for, the Ask4Leasing team would be more than happy to assist with your enquiry. 

Contact one of our Sales Advisers today to request a free, no-obligation quote. 

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7th of June 2019