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Safety Systems Defined

Whilst we all like to think the worst won’t happen to us on the road, there’s always a chance it will. However, the good news is that vehicle safety is improving all the time. Manufacturers are endlessly working to add new technology and systems into their vehicles to reduce the chances of an accident happening. With loads of safety features available, it can be quite confusing. So here are sevenof the most common safety features explained.

Active Break Assist
This safety feature monitors the force of the driver braking and determines whether they are trying to do an emergency stop or not. If yes, the vehicle will apply more breaking pressure to assist the driver to come to a full stop.

Antilock Braking System
This system often goes hand in hand with the Active Break Assist. When breaking heavily, there’s a good chance your wheel will lock causing you to lose control of the vehicle. This is where the Antilock Braking System comes into play. It will help prevent the wheels locking so you can come to a safer stop.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This is an improvement on your standard cruise control. Standard cruise control would let you set a speed for the vehicle to maintain to make it easier for you on long journeys. Adaptive Cruise Control changes depending on your environment. For example, if you’re on the motorway and a vehicle pulls in front of you, the vehicle will automatically adjust the speed so you’re at a safe distance. If that vehicle then pulls away, the Adaptive Cruise Control will then speed up to the previous speed.

Lane Keeping Technology
There are different variations to the safety system. At the basic level, if the vehicle senses you drifting out of your lane it will give you a warning so you can correct your course. The more advanced systems will actually make steering adjustments to keep you between the lines.

Attention Systems

These systems are in place to prevent accidents caused by lack of attention. The system will monitor you and look for signs that show your attention is lacking, for example, you keep leaving your lane. Depending on the vehicle, it will give you an alert to make sure you’re paying attention or recommend you taking a break. Some vehicles will vibrate the steering wheel, whilst others might sound an alarm.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert
This feature is useful when reversing. It would alert you if a vehicle is about to cross your path when you’re completing your manoeuvre. The Rear Cross Traffic Alert works well as it is likely to sport the hazard before the driver, so reduces the chance of a collision.

Electronic Stability Control
As good as your traction may be on the road, there are conditions that are likely going to hamper your stability. That’s where the Electronic Stability Control comes in. If the system detect a loss of traction, it will kick in to make sure you don’t lose too much stability which could cause skidding.

Please note that the names of these safety systems may differ depending on make and model.

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Posted on 8th October 2018 at 10:32 AM

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