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Running In Your New Vehicle

You’ve just leased a new vehicle and you can’t wait to take it for a spin. However. There’s the old saying that you need to take extra care for the first 1000 miles to allow key components to bed in. For example, your vehicle’s brake pads. Here are some aspects to consider when running in your new car for the first 1000 miles.

Easy Journeys
Unless essential, you should consider only using your newly leased vehicle for easier journeys such as trips to town and the shops. In addition you should treat the engine gently through avoiding heavy acceleration.

Check Oil

Consumption And Coolant LevelsFor the first 6000 miles, oil consumption can sometime be at a higher rate than a car that has been effectively run in. By having regular checks you will be able to identify whether you’ve got an adequate level of oil and coolant in your vehicle and reduce the chance of a problem whilst on the road. If there is excessive consumption there may be a fault with the engine. If you’re concerned about this you should take it into a garage.

Light Loads
It’s recommended that for the first 1000 miles, you should avoid heavy loads such as trailers or roof boxes. This is because certain components may not have been bedded in to allow you to safely transport the heavy load. For example the breaks and tyres.

Tyre Changes
Due to the manufacturing process, you will often find a thin layer of oil on your tyres. This may have an effect on the handling and feel of your new vehicle, especially in wet weather. Therefore, if your vehicle feels different than expected it could be a result of this. The oil should wear off after a few miles though so a lot of drivers hardly notice it but it’s still worth considering.


It’s recommended to try and keep under 3000 rpm for the first 600 miles. However, you can exceed this on occasion, ideally when the engine has warmed up. It’s not a good idea to try and run in your vehicle by using high revs and speeding along the motorway as this could damage the engine.

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Posted on 1st September 2018 at 4:59 PM

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