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Logo Meanings Continued

Logos are recognisable worldwide. After the success of our last article on the meaning behind the logos, we have put together a list of meanings for five more of the biggest automotive companies in the world.

Alfa Romeo

The Alfa Romeo badge is certainly intriguing. The logo is split into two halves. On one half there is a red cross which is the symbol of Milan but it’s the other half that of the logo that fascinates people. To most, it looks like there is a large snake eating someone but this isn’t the case. The image came from a Saracen knight’s shield who was killed by Otone Visconti who was from Milan. Alfa Romeo claim the man in the snake’s mouth is not being eaten but is actually someone emerging from a beast’s mouth a new purified man.


Hyundai Motor Company was founded in 1967 in South Korea by Chung Ju-yung and is the third largest vehicle manufacturer in the world. Their logo has a ‘H’ which stands for Hyundai. However, the ‘H’ also has a hidden meaning. The shape of the ‘H’ is actually a handshake between a satisfied customer and an employee of Hyundai. In their eyes, it’s the perfect logo.