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How To Safely Use A Sat-Nav

Navigation Systems are becoming second nature to most drivers in today's society. They come in many shapes and sizes. They can be built into the infotainment system, your phone or the standard rectangular shape that you stick onto the windscreen. However, they can prove distracting and can lead to an accident. In addition, many drivers are unaware of the correct place to put a Sat Nav and are therefore risk receiving a fine. This blog will discuss how to use a sat nav safely.

Where To Put A Sat Nav

This section only applies if you've purchased a navigation system or use your phone. If your navigation system is built into the infotainment system, you don't need to worry about where to place it as it is fixed.

Due to the variety of driving positions and heights, there is no definite position. However, there are some recommended positions.

•Keep it low down - This won't impair your view too much
•Keep it to your side - Put it to your right or left so it's not directly in your vision
•Don't trail the wire - make sure the wire is not hanging down

You cold technically be pulled over for having a navigation system on your windscreen but it's unlikely that you will solely based on the navigation system's position. If the police believe your navigation system is either in a dangerous place or distracting you causing dangerous driving, they are then likely to pull you over. Remember, if using a mobile phone, it must be securely attached or you are using it illegally.

Safety Tips

It's important to put you route in before you start you journey. Doing this on the move is distracting and could cause an accident.

Make sure your navigation system is up to date with the latest maps. If not, the navigation system may take you the wrong way causing you to get distracted by changing the route.

Remember Who's in Charge
Navigation systems are there to aid a driver, not do the driver's job. Some have features such as speed limit sensors that tell you what the speed limit is. You must be aware that you still need to look at road signs in case there has been any changes. Saying 'My Sat Nav said' is not an excuse for not knowing the rules of the road.

Audio And Visual
Navigation systems offer both audio and visual aids when it gives directions. Have both of these settings switched on to prevent you having to stare at the screen for too long and end up losing sight of what's in front of you.

Hide Your Navigation System
Whilst this isn't a tip for using a navigation system, it's worth knowing. Put your navigation system in a safe place out of sight when not in use. Your vehicle could be targeted if they see a navigation system on display. Make sure you wipe any marks of your windscreen that indicate a navigation system was stuck there. These are the clues a thief will look for.

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Posted on 15th July 2018 at 1:30 PM

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